What to Expect From a Psychic Reading With Me

Psychic Reading Types

E-mail Readings

Yes, many clients tell me e-mail readings work just as well as live readings! In fact, most of the testimonials on this site are from clients who have received email readings.

All it takes is the intention from you in purchasing a reading to allow me to make a psychic connection with you to ensure you receive the intuitive guidance you need.

E-mail readings are convenient and affordable. And my clients tell me they appreciate having written readings to refer back to at any time without worrying about memorizing, recording, or taking notes. (In fact, I wrote a whole blog post on the advantages of getting readings by e-mail).

Your unique, custom reading will be done and delivered to your email by the end of the appointment time that you choose when booking a reading.


Live Readings

Telephone: I will call you at the appointed date and time for your reading at the phone number you provide during purchase. Please do not call me.

Online Meeting / Video Conference: I will send you a link for a video conference at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. It is not necessary for you to enable video on your end if you don’t want to be on video. But you will need to at least enable audio. I typically use Zoom because it works well and is very easy for most users, but if you have a preference for another tool just let me know when you book and I will see if I can accommodate.

In-Person: At this time, I am not booking in-person readings for any new clients.


My Process

Readings with me will typically involve three or four phases.

  • First, I will meditate prior to your reading and see what psychic information I can pick up directly about you, your energy, and the situation around you. Often, I will get information before meeting you or prior to reading your email question.
  • Second, if appropriate, I will blend my energy with Spirit to use my mediumship ability see if there are any loved ones or supporters on the other side who might have a message for you. See below for some additional info on this process.
  • Third, I will typically use tools such as Tarot or Oracle cards to get more information about your situation. I have many decks and will be guided to choose one that is right for you at the time.
  • Last, I will be sure that I have answered any questions you have presented up front. For live readings, I will also open it up to ensure you have time to ask any questions you’d like me to answer. Don’t be afraid to speak up!


Nothing to Fear

A reading with me should always be a comforting experience (thus the “nurturing” part of my business name)! There is never anything to fear from a reading with me!

If I ever see anything that might be considered challenging or negative, it will always be accompanied by helpful insight that will inspire you to handle those situations to the best of your ability. And I promise the solution will not involve asking you to pay me more money!!! I also don’t believe that so-called “evil spirits”, attachments, curses, etc. are real except in the minds of those who worry about them –  or some disreputable folks who want you to pay them money to for the “cure”.


Frequency / Type

Everyone is different, but most people find that getting a reading once or twice a year brings them the most benefit. I recommend psychic readings always be at least a 3 months apart and absolutely not more than four times a year.

Many of my clients like the convenience of e-mail readings, but I offer live readings via phone or video conference as well. At this time, I offer in-person readings ONLY through direct referrals from other in-person clients. Please feel free to choose the type that feels best for you.


Some Notes on Mediumship in Psychic Readings

For live readings (non-email), if your have loved ones in spirit who want to come through during your reading, I will endeavor to make that connection whenever possible so long as you are open to it.

Please see my page on what to expect from a mediumship reading if you want to learn more, or if you think you might benefit more from a mediumship reading than a psychic reading.


My Do’s and Don’ts

I DO… always keep things positive and light. You should always feel good after a reading with me no matter what is going on in your life.

I DO… strive to ensure you are happy with your reading. I’ll clarify answers in email when needed, and encourage you to ask questions during a live reading.

I DO… bring clarity, insight, comfort, hope and practical suggestions to help empower you to make your own decisions.

I DO… appreciate referrals. Even though I have this fancy web site, most of my clients still find me by being referred by others!

I DO… respect your privacy. I know that what comes up in a reading can often be extremely personal and emotional and it will stay between us (and Spirit!). For details, check out my privacy policy.


I DON’T… predict your future. I may get insight to aid you with future possibilities, challenges, or opportunities. But you (and others) always have free will and nothing is every written in stone.

I DON’T… tell you what to do. I can give you lots of insight, but ultimately you have to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your own actions. Your life is yours – and yours alone – to be lived.

I DON’T… refer to your old readings. I approach every reading with a completely fresh perspective to allow the best intuitive guidance. (Plus, I can barely recall much of anything about previous readings because I’m in a lightly altered meditative state when I do them, I do a lot of them, and I don’t have a great memory anyway!)

I DON’T… provide private information about others to you, except in the context of your relationship with them. Your reading should always be about you.

I DON’T… find lost objects, missing persons, lost pets, etc.

I DON’T… lift curses, cast spells, exorcise demons, remove negative attachments, etc. I believe in nearly all cases, those things are nonsense and the only power they have over you is the power you let them have by your belief in them!


Now You Know

I love what I do and I am so grateful for the opportunity to use my abilities to help others. There are many different types of readers out there. Now that you know what to expect from me, you can decide if my style might be a good fit for you.

With Deepest Gratitude,